October 03, 2013

Jesus Moments Part 1

What has God been up to in our lives?
It has been so long since I blogged.
I really need to get more faithful in blogging.
I enjoy writing and it is always good therapy for me. Keeps my eyes looking up.

We are having a Sunday School Campaign going on right now called "Jesus Moments".

It has been such a blessing to me.I just love how Jesus takes lessons I teach to the girls and teaches me as well.

Week one was about Jesus healing a man with a withered hand.  We learned about how God wants us to heal others by praying for them, speaking words of truth to them, and serving them.  The very next day the Lord had a situation come into our lives where we were able to do all three for someone.

Week Two was about Jesus calming the storm. We learned how the Lord wants to us use to calm spiritual storms in other people's lives.  That week the Lord had directed the path of someone who had a tempest inside them pour out their hurt and tears in my presence.  I tried to be kind and understanding.  I tried to speak words of wisdom to calm the strorm.  I held my friend and hugged her; I cried with her.  I prayed earnestly for her.  She called a few days later.  I could tell in her voice the storm was calming. This week it was me who had the storm swelling up inside and I had to run to my Savior for the sea to calm and the wind to cease.

Week Three was about Zacchaeus.  How we need to be like Jesus and reach out to the unloveable, the rejected, the despised.  Jesus' friendship made all the differance in the world. I haven't figured out my Jesus moment about lesson three this week. I may have missed it or maybe it hasn't come yet. Maybe lesson three was connected to serving someone this week and I missed the opportunity to show the love of Christ to their unsaved friend. Maybe lesson number three was a child who was sassy and disrespectful who I failed to show compassion and mercy to.  Maybe I have been Zacchaeus and Jesus is befriending me..................