May 23, 2009

Prayer Lessons

Over the last couple months, the Lord has been teaching me lessons about prayer. Not simple little whispers of prayer, but how to battle in prayer for others.


April 21st the Lord gave me a new nephew. Like Samuel, this baby was much prayed for. You see his big sister was not born alive and it was through much prayer that his mommy got pregnant with him. When it finally seemed like God said it was time for him to be born, I got the call and began to pray. And pray........and pray..........and call a dear friend and pray........and text for more prayer support and pray...........and pray...........and call a friend again and text more and pray................30hrs later with only a break of 4 hr of sleep God answered those many prayers. We rejoiced, but within hours God had us back on our knees again for there was a medical problem. By morning, God had healed that issue, but another arose. Back on the phone, and back on my knees I went. Finally it seemed that things were looking good, they could go home, when again another concern and back on my knees the Lord had me go. They are home now and he is the sweetest, healthiest baby:) I have still to get out of state to see this new precious child, but I feel like I have labored and birthed him myself in prayer.


I have a dear friend read a truth in her Bible and was determined to adjust her life to what it said. But the devil doesn't like to release us that easy. Days later she shared that she couldn't do it; the perceived negative fallout was like a road block. My heart grieved for this was more about her relationship to God and her belief about the Bible than the issue in front of her. I felt the Lord remind me that this was a serious spiritual battle that required intense prayer and fasting. So for the next 24hrs, I prayed and fasted. I didn't share it with others; I just silently interceded on behalf of my friend. With 24hrs after that, I received a call from my friend who had shared how God used a couple different people to show her that what He said was the right thing to do. And so she took the step of obedience to His Word.

Another dear friend was facing a situation that was emotionally overwhelming. A situation that could be explosive and leave many painful memories at a crucial time. Again the Lord called me to be her armour bearer. This time I felt like a secret agent praying behind the scenes of a play asking the Great Director to make everything go smoothly. Each day I asked for specific things and some of it He flat out did the opposite. I felt like we were walking on a tightrope, but He did keep the strife away. He did it in ways I wouldn't have chosen, but He answered the overall prayer of my heart.


A dear friend was leaving on a trip far across the ocean. (Those of you who have had a loved one die in an accident may understand the fear that grips your heart when someone you care about travels.) So I found out when she was leaving and returning and committed myself to pray for her that whole time. I took my earlier lessons of getting prayer support and applied them to this situation: I contacted friends by text and phone to be in a prayer group and asked another dear friend to be my daily prayer partner. I also text or emailed my traveling friend daily to let her know we were praying. I took this on because I felt it was my duty to pray for her; I learned it was actually a privilege to do so. You see, the Lord laid on my heart certain words for us to pray over her each day. He gave these words to me the morning she left. And to hear from her how she need those words on those specific days just reminded me again of the sovereignty of God.


God is still working on me! Too often something like the following happens. There was a time I felt I was to call my prayer partner and reasoned in my head why the timing wasn't good. Later to my shame, I found out my friend needed prayer at that exact time!! God hadn't let her be unprotected, but He did allow me to miss the blessing of seeing Him work. Another lesson.

Six years ago, a lifetime ago it seems, I shared with the Lord I wanted to become a prayer warrior with stories of triumph to share. These recent lessons reminded me that the Lord is molding me into what I desire to be. I am reminded often that being a prayer warrior is not an easy or glorified role. It is draining, intense, sweaty work!! Sometimes I am required to charge head long into a spiritual battle with my sword swinging. Sometimes I am required to struggle along beside a friend carrying their burden like a armour that is too heavy for them to bear alone. Sometimes I am called to be shut away from the action and just pray in faith for what I can not see. Each time I stand amazed that the Almighty Creator of the universe cares enough to intervene on our behalf just because He loves us. Just because He can.

May 13, 2009

Kisses from God

Several weeks ago, I had a date with God. I know to some of you this might seem strange. Actually it is necessary for me in my growth as a person and as a Christian. Some moms seek "ME Time," these moms share how they need alone time to recharge. For me, I find that what the Bible says "for without Me ye can do nothing."(John 15:5) is true. Time with God is refreshing, rejuvenating, and necessary.
I have my daily time with my Lord morning and night, but just as it is highly recommended to have dates with your spouse, I apply that to my relationship with the Lord. I get alone somewhere with a journal and my Bible. In the past, I have sought God for answers on big decisions, healing on grief issues, or strength through tough times. This last date with God was a little different. I felt Him seeking to talk to me about a few things....things He wanted me to change. I knew it was going to be a date filled with tears, but also lots of love. God loves us the way we are, but He loves us too much to let us stay that way. I knew I was suppose to look over some lessons that the Lord had brought up in Ladies Bible Study. But I wasn't prepared for the journey into my past. Like most of you, there are things from my childhood and adolescence that I wish I could just delete or rewrite. Even so, God was still there watching and waiting for me to turn to Him.
As I recalled memories, I began to see them from a different perspective. I felt like I was a little girl sitting on my Father's lap looking at pictures from my past. He listened to my telling of the story, then shared His perspective. Often I said "this hurt" and He'd say, "Give it to Me" I would say, "They......" He' d say, "Forgive." Many tears and hours later, I felt so rejuvenated and wrapped up in God's love. (My friend who was watching the boys said I was just glowing. And I felt it.)
As I left to go pick up the kids, I thought about dates my husband and I had and how now I felt very similar inside. Like I was very much in love. Right before I got in my vehicle, I felt God speak to my heart. "Where's my kiss?" Haven't we all heard dates are suppose to end with a kiss. Now I once challenged God that He doesn't give hugs and He set me straight. So I was very apprehensive about this. I leaned against the door and looked down at my toes like a shy school girl. Psalms says God is a lifter of my head so I lifted up my head to heaven and opened my eyes. The sky that night took my breath away; stars glittered like diamonds from horizon to horizon. And I felt a tingling all the way down to my toes, knowing the Creator of all that still has time for little me. Did I feel a kiss on my lips like my husband would have done? No, but God is teaching me little by little how things of the spirit are not the same as the physical. But physical things show us much about spiritual things. And within my spirit I felt the passion of a Savior who know everything about me and still loves me anyway.