March 20, 2009


We are so excited spring is here!! Though today is cooler and cloudy, we know that the long winter is over and new life is sprouting up slowly around us. Since Jim died, winters have seemed hard and long. Emotionally and precipitation wise.

But we take a deep breath and sigh and smile.......spring is here. Resurrection Sunday is just around the corner and it reminds us that new life is just around the corner too. One of the many signs of spring is the butterfly and we reflect back on the Bible that tells us there is an earthly body and a celestial body. We know that Daddy is soaring now and he is out of sight. But someday, maybe soon, Jesus is coming back. And we shall see him again and we shall finally see face to face the One who died so we could have the choice to choose life. New life................

Those words are like sunshine to my soul...................................................

In 1998, my life changed and I recieved new life. The boys love stories, true stories about me and their daddy. And in telling them the truth about our ungodly pasts, I am reminded of how much the Lord has saved me from. And I am ever glad that He is still working on me. Because in the end it wasn't just those sins, it wasn't just from hell, it wasn't even just from separation from Himself that Christ Jesus saved was from myself. We hear it often in the world to promote self, look out for self, take time for self. It was all that self talk that got me into trouble from the beginning. The Bible talks of self dying on the cross and living in Christ. It is when we deny our self and focus on Christ that things fall into place and new life springs up in us. A new life in Christ. It is my prayer that all who browse this blog take away this one thing. It is Christ Jesus that brings new life to everything. (I challenge all of you to read The Greatest Decision You Will Ever Make on the side of this blog)

God At Work In The Silence

This has blog has been quiet for six weeks. I got many reasons, but it boils down to life. Life has a way of keeping us busy.

But God has been working on me and in our lives. Randomly I want to acknowledge His handiwork:

  • Providing food and helpers when I was down with a miserable flu
  • Protecting Snurr when he dumped hot tea on himself; he never got burned
  • Leading me to the right counsel on a matter
  • Healing the boys when they had the flu
  • Giving me strength and stamina to parent them as they woke up alternately in the night
  • Using me to recycle His blessings
  • Giving me loving family to encourage and support me
  • Giving me friends who listen
  • Giving us a church that prays for us, the sweetest words spoken to me after our absence from church due to illness was not "we miss you" or even "how are you", but were excitedly said to me by a 1st grader who said "I have been praying for you!!"
  • Having other widows touch my life who understand me in ways others simply cannot
  • Teaching me the truth about anger and the power of words
  • Growing my children in the areas of repentance, helpfulness, and obedience
  • Giving me opportunities to grow in firmness and patience
  • Being silent on a matter to teach me to learn to wait on Him and learn to quiet and still my mind from fears
  • Reminding me that having my hands full (with 3 boys) is a wonderful blessing, not a burden. A handful of boys is more joy than a handful of gold!!

So you see, life has been very busy and full. Sometimes full of fevers, runny noses, and tears and other times full of laughter, smiles, and joys. But continually full of God's presence on and in our lives.