July 15, 2009

God is a Master Electrician

Over two months ago, our yard light stopped working. I figured the bulb was burnt out and need replaced. Not fun when it is twenty plus feet in the air. Needless to say, in my busy life I just adapted to it and planned to purchase a ladder and get a helper sometime before Fall.

It was a blessing in some ways to come home and have no yard light taking away the awesome wonder of twinkling stars overhead or beautiful fireflies glowing wondrously across the yard. Yet when crime has seemed to increase around here recently, the light was a nice comfort to have.

Well, last night we had a thunderstorm with torrential rain and rumbling thunder. Snurr was already fast asleep. But I let the older boys stay up knowing it was futil to try to put them to bed when the storm was raging. They were quietly doing a craft in the diningroom when suddenly Snipp shouted, "Mom, the yard light is working!!!"

Sure enough, it was shining brightly like a lighthouse in a tempest sea. We just stood in awe and said, "That is an act of God!" My brain tried to rationalize it in my mind; yet I finally gave up and thought "Just take it as it is-an act of God"

I felt like I was an Israelite staring at the Red Sea dividing. Even after the boys were soundly asleep I looked to see if it was still shining. Of course, it was:) And I just stood speechless communing with God without words.

God is good. So good. I am humbled by His watch care over us.
The verse "The Lord is my Light" seems so more real now:)

P.S. I was very downhearted the following night when it didn't light up. The darkness seemed to be taunting God and my faith. Once more a couple months later it came on one night. Strange! But I believe God is Sovereign and He had it come on those nights for a purpose I may never know.

FALL UPDATE: A friend of my husband's who wishes to remain anonomous came by today and fixed the yard light! It took just 20 minutes and he had it all done. What a blessing to us!!! It seems strange to have the yard so lit up now. But I feel safer too, especially as it gets dark so much sooner now. The boys love it too for now they not only feel safer but they can also play outside after dark:) God is so good!! And to friends like this we say "We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you," Colossians 1:3

July 07, 2009

Going in Reverse

On a recent trip, we had the adventure of reverse stop working in our SUV. It was rather difficult to back out of our parking spot. With God's Divine help and wisdom, we worked together and pushed it out enough so we could drive out. We finally got it to the shop after a couple days of creative parking/driving. I never realized how often I use reverse.

And all this got me thinking.........I wish my reverse would stop working in my spiritual life. We have all been there when we stop zooming toward God, pass through neutral and start to back away from God. We see the signs in others around us, yet how often have we slipped into neutral without realizing it, and are headed for reverse?

I made this statement to the boys today "There should be no reverse in a Christian's life." We should be zealously zooming toward Him like a Nascar driver.