November 21, 2008

Be a Greeter

On our trip the Lord lead us to a wonderful church. It was a beautiful church with very kind people. My children felt comfortable with their teachers and I felt so refreshed and challenged by the preaching of God's Word. God taught me much during the 5 times we attended there. One young man really impressed me. I am terrible with ages but he had to be over 16, but definately under 25. Anyway, this young man would shake hands with every single person before the service would start. He looked each person in the eye and smile a million dollar smile. He was definatley glad to be in the house of the Lord and genuinely made you feel that he was glad you were there too. And I realized the importance of greeting others. Sometimes we get so busy with children or with our agendas, that we fail in really seeing others. And I am not saying this just about church. I think of being in shopping lines and how people rarely speak to each other even though they are waiting in line for several minutes sometimes. Even at the gas pump or restraunts. Then again maybe this is just something I struggle with. I know it is something on the edge of my comfort zone and even beyond it most days. God brought it to my attention as an area I need to grow in. So all this rambling is to say: Be a greeter. And give someone a smile today.

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Heidi said...

It's funny, I have been thinking about that quite a bit myself. Not only greeting someone, but sending someone that I haven't seen in church for a while a note, or an old friend I haven't talked to in a while a note and not just email, but "snail mail". Your post here is just another confirmation from God to me!:)