March 12, 2011

Poem "The Heavenly Grandstand"

The Heavenly Grandstand

By Joyce Rogers Edmiston

I was running the race of life

and the wind was on my back;

There was never a fairer day to run,

never a smoother track.

So with my head held high as the miles raced by,

I ran with careless ease,

I would run this race,

I would win first place so my Master I would please.

Then an unforeseen hand rudely pushed me down,

And I fell with a thud to the cold, cruel ground;

And broken and bruised I began to cry,

as other runners passed me by.

“Lord, help me please! I can’t run any more;

I’m broken and battered; I’m tired and sore;

I don’t think I can make it, I just want to die,

I don’t even have what it takes to try.”

And as I lay bleeding on the ground,

A vast “cloud of witnesses” gathered around,

They were heroes of old, all the saints of the ages.

Who through weakness were strong,

and through faith were courageous.

They started to cheer and wildly applaud,

And their voices rose up giving glory to God.

And then to myself I said “How can this be?”

For the saints of the ages were cheering for me!

Then Abel cried out, “There is power in the blood!”

And Noah said “He’ll keep you safe through the flood.”

Then Jacob said “Weary one, lean on the Lord.”

Moses cried out, “Child look to the reward!”

Then Sarah stepped forward, holding Abrahams hand,

And they both said, “Trust God when you don’t understand,

In God’s promises, child you must always believe,

For sometimes He’ll do things you just can’t conceive.

Come on! You can do it! Get up off your face

And run with endurance the rest of the race.

And remember, my child when strength is all gone,

The saints of the ages are cheering you on!”

So I rose to my feet midst their thunderous ovation

and started to run with great determination

And that’s when I saw Him, my Savior and Lord,

I must win the reward to cast down before Him the crown that I’d won,

And hear Him say to me, “Well done, child, well done!”

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