December 24, 2012

The Massage Therapist

November has blown away like an autumn leaf,
And December is here with it's whirlwind weather.
And I realize I haven't posted on my blog in almost 8 weeks!
I have been quite busy in my quietness from our blog.
After such a chaotic year,
I feel like I am getting some resemblence of order again.
Life is stablizing, for a little while.....

I recently went for a Mommy Treat,
a back massage by my favorite massage therapist, Joy.
As I lay there getting pampered and listening to relaxing music,
I meditated on a thought I often think of during a massage.....

The LORD is like a massage therapist.

Yup, a massage therapist.
First, He waits for you to come to Him.
Next, He asks you where you feel stress and pain.
He listens to you with compassion,
then instructs you of what to do next.
Then He begins to work on you,
Sometimes His hands are gentle,
But He often has to work on you harder than you want,
because He finds things you didn't even know where there.
He uses heat, heat so hot yet He doesn't let you get burned,
hot heat to work out the wrinkles and kinks in you.
He speaks very little, but all the time He is constantly working on you.
As He works on you, you find yourself relaxing like you haven't in months,
and you could cry because His hands are so knowing about pain you didn't even realize you had. Gently but with determination He kneads and massages. Using oil, using heat, using pressure.......
His desire is to cleanse you, detoxify you, destress you......
And as usual, the time goes by fast, and reality calls you back.
Nothing in reality has changed. Bills need to be paid. Children need attention.
The laundry mountain is waiting and the house is needing repaired somewhere.
But inside you are changed. Inside you are more relaxed. More at peace. More trusting.
He reminds you before you leave to drink a lot of water daily, don't we all need His living water daily? We just get ourselves too busy to remember. You vow to drink more than you have been. And of course, before you go, you set up another appointment, for you know you need time with Him, for Him to work out your kinks again.

Yup, my LORD is like a massage therapist!
Have you made an appointment with HIM lately??

We need Christ daily. Daily we need to go to HIM. Every night I need to stretch out before HIM and share my heart and let Him work on me. And to be understanding of the pressure, and the heat, that they are to help me not to hurt me. His desire is not to burn me, but to better me. And when our time concludes, I will have His peace that passes all understanding.

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