July 02, 2013

The Rescuers

The other day when we were at my folks, Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr came shouting at me to come outside there was a kitten.  The little fellow was meowing loudly hiding in a busyh.  He was hungry, scared, and not really excited about being rescued. Snapp finally caught him.  We had to be wrapped the poor fellow in a towel to keep Snipp from being scratched.  Snurr got to close and got bit.  After much discussion and inquiring, we discovered he didn't belong to any neighbors and we delivered him to a farm up the road.  There he would have food and companionship with other felines.

After we headed home, Snipp held out his hand and said, "Smell, Mom!"  Phew!  He stank.  It was the same dead smell we smelled near the woodpile where the kitten was finally rescued.  We concluded that who ever he was traveling with must have gotten injured and crawled in the woodpile to die.  The faithful kitten must have stayed with his companion quite awhile after it died.  The little fellow stank like death even though he was a healthy kitten.

Isn't like just like us??
We don't recognize sin as sin.  It is our travel companion.  James tells us when sin is finished it bringeth forth death.  We hang around it until we reek of it.  Even after we are rescued, we stink and rebel.  Not realizing the wonderful blessings we have been given.  He gives a new life!  The Lord lovingly holds us, not minding the stink, as He gives us comfort. 

I can learn a few things from a cute, stinky kitty:

  • Hanging around sin will make me stink.  Call sin sin and depart from it.
  • Reaching out to help others may be a stinky job. Jesus did it for me, I can do it for HIM.
  • Don't lash out at Christ when life doesn't seem to be going so well. (Don't lash out at other loved ones either.)
  • When life seems to go from bad to worse, the LORD might be in the middle of rescuing me from something I didn't know I needed rescuing from.
  • When I feel afraid, lonely, stinky or hungry (spiritually), Jesus will hear my cry and come to me.

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