May 12, 2014

The God Who Answers Prayers

The last 8 days have been full of prayer.  Many prayers were need about many different things from praying the flickering yard light would turn on and stay lit to prayers about graduations and a wedding. 32 prayers, I recorded in my prayer journal.  The Almighty God answered 30 of those with yes, 1 was a no, and one more I feel He is working on yet.

30/32=94% answered positively in 8 days!

I know the LORD doesn't always answer prayers so quickly and in such positive ways. 
Sometimes we forget how much the LORD loves to tell us yes, when we ask unselfishly and with faith.  Some people talk about prayer as moving the hand of God.  The most wonderful thing about prayer to me is seeing how the LORD answers them.  I never get tired of seeing His mighty hand at work. Makes me stand in awe and reverance.....

I will admit I was disappointed with the one that was answered no. But when I look back at all He has done, I am content to realize the LORD had a plan different than I did.  He knows people's hearts more than I do and what is needed.

I just remembered 5 other prayers the LORD is working on that He allowed me to see a glimpse of what He is doing..............I know these will take time, but it encouraged my heart to see the Lord moving in people's lives.

To all my readers, Never Doubt the power of prayer; the LORD is listening.  Ask Him for eyes to see His hand at work.

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