September 13, 2014

God is Sovereign

Today is one of those days when I have been allowed to see God's perfect timing displayed before my eyes. Often we don't understand why we seemed delayed at one place or that God impresses on our heart to do this or that, but when you find yourself exactly where God planned for you to be to be used of HIM, it is an awesome thing.  My God is Sovereign.  He has a plan.  Many times I run too far ahead of Him and I miss it.  But today wasn't one of those days.  Today was a day when the enemy kept seeking to prevail and God kept limiting him.  Today was a day when I tried to discern more dilegently the LORD's leading.  Today was a day that was spent in much prayer and sometimes seeing discouragement around me.  But today was also a day when GOD said, "Let me show you just a glimpse of what I am up to in the lives of others. "  Wow! 

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