January 02, 2017

Me in a Word

This is the description of me. I am no computer genius and I plan to have a little different description for my new blog bb4thelord2.blogspot.com. So just in case it changes on this blog as well I thought I would post it here:

HOME--this word describes me well. Jim and I were married at home on our front porch. I homebirthed our three precious boys (aka Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr). Homeschooling naturally followed. Home... the word brings thoughts of family, love, comfort, and refuge. My beloved husband was headed home when God called him Home to Heaven in 2006. Home is where he is buried. Welcomed home is how I felt when in 1998 I asked Christ Jesus to be Lord of my life and trusted Him as my Saviour. With hugs of rejoicing, He washed my sins away and I was adopted into His family. Oh, the comfort of being home. And someday, either by trumpet call or when He calls my name, I shall go Home to Heaven. But until then......... With the Lord, I am pressing onward in this journey of single parenting and homeschooling. He ordered this all up for me, and as hard as that is to accept, it is encouraging, because I know I am in the will of God. And that is the safest place to be, no matter what circumstances are around me or emotions are within me. Isaiah 41:13