March 15, 2008


The house was dreadfully quiet. Where did those little munchkins go that had been so determined to complicate my simple task? One appeared quietly. "Where's your brothers?" I inquired. "I don' know,"came the answer with a shrug. Noticing the kitchen door open, I checked outside. No one. After a call upstairs, another son appeared. But fear began to grip my heart as Snipp, Snapp and I searched the house, and memories flashed in my mind. "Please, Lord, no...." I ran outside again and hollered. My heart pounded and a familiar thought came to mind, "What if God allows what I fear most to happen again?"

To my relief, little Snurr came toddling out from around the front porch barefooted on the swampy lawn. I raced through puddles and slick mud and scooped him up. Tears overflowed and ran down my cheeks as I hugged him to my chest. "Thank You, Jesus!!!!" Inside I trembled at God's Sovereignty and protection. How often must I be taught how precious a life is, how temporary a task really is, how the little things can make such a huge difference. With my voice tight with emotion, I lightly reprimanded the older boys on the importance of keeping the kitchen door closed. Then Snipp asked,"Why are you crying, Mom?" I couldn't answer. The healthy reminder of reality that I am not in control and God is GOD was still so fresh. And how does one describes a mother's heart to a son anyway?

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