July 26, 2008

God's Shovel

“God’s Shovel is Bigger Than Ours.” My husband often told me this when I seemed hesitant to give his hard earned money away to whatever backyard missions he had in mind at the time. We scrimped much and went without much and I selfishly wondered sometimes, “What about us?” I would have like to get something new for once. But the principle my husband taught me has stuck with me. Just days after his death I gave the money he had squirreled away for some backyard missions where he had wanted it to go. A part of me wanted to cling to that money now that my earthly provider was gone. Another part of me feared God in doing that. So more out of fear than obedience, I gave. Just two days later, I was given a check from a church I don’t even know for about twice the amount. Okay, okay. “God’s shovel is bigger that ours” echoed in my head. And since then I have felt like I am in the money recycling business. The Lord lays it on my heart to give to Person A. Person B feels led to give to me. I feel the Lord commanding me to give to Person C and Person D gives me a great savings on health care. And it isn’t just money. I feel led to send someone a card that the Lord knew they need right then. A different person orders ice cream for us then sneaks out the restaurant. This is how God works, at least in my life He does! By the way, I don’t give out of fear anymore. But out of loving obedience and wait in expectation for what He is going to do next:)

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