July 26, 2008

Fingerprints of Protection

This month has been very busy with 4th of July drama, two back to back vacations out of state, adjusting to being home, and preparing for the upcoming school year.

In the midst of all this, God has left His fingerprints all over us. I will share just two incidences:

(1) On one of our trips, we had traveled right into a storm. It was downpouring so much we pulled off on the side of the highway because we just couldn't see. Now mind you, we were in flat country, so we had high winds rocking our van, lighting and thunder crashing around us, and rain beating on the roof. Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr as well as I felt like the disciples in the boat. It was rather scary. So we huddled in prayer and within moments..........nope, the storm didn't calm, the wind didn't stop either. But we felt calm. The Lord blanketed us with peace within. After a wait, it let up enough we could travel on. Another lesson for the boys to learn to run to God and experience Him working in their lives.

(2) Several days after returning home, Snipp said one of our tires looked low. I let him be manly and add air. When he did, he discovered a lugnut was just a little loose. We tightened it up and I didn't give it another thought till the next afternoon. As I turned a corner when we were returning from some errands, I felt the driver side tire just feel funny. Please, Lord, just get us home. Again when we turned into the driveway, something was just not right. Once stopped, I hopped out to discover every lugnut on the driver's side front tire was loose!!! And not just a little loose, but loose enough I could see at least an inch of the threads. WOW!!! When I think of all the miles we covered at speeds of 65 plus mph and thought about the "what if's", I just trembled. Once again Christ in His mercy has answered our prayers for protection.

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