September 26, 2008

Be a Reflector

As we were driving home after dark the other night, my eyes became keenly aware of the many reflectors along the road side. On bikes, mailboxes, trailers, and marking driveways, bridges, signs, roadside poles. They just continually "lit up" our journey home. And the Lord reminded me I am to be a reflector. A reflector has no power to give light, it simply reflects it. In the day time, they don't catch our eye. But in the darkness they seem to shine. I am a born-again believer in Christ Jesus. And it is my duty to reflect Him, the Light, in this world of darkness. To reflect His love, His truth, His mercy, His forgiveness, His grace, His holiness. That is an awesome and overwhelming responsibility. Yet the Light doesn't come from me, I just reflect it. Yet no Light, means no reflection. How often do I try to do something yet fail, because I haven't turned to the Lord to do it? Him through me......I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.........Through Him, I can. Through Him I can believe in the impossible. But........if I am not turned toward Christ Jesus, there is no reflection, just empty works that may seem to be good but fall so far short of their potential.

And another deep thought was this, the reflectors where there all the way home.

I am a reflector not just for Christ to the lost world, but to other believers. At my husband's funeral, many spoke words that revealed he had been a reflector to them in this world. Who have encouraged me on this journey of life? And who is farther down the road who will encourage me home? Am I being an encourager to my brethren? And not just to the weary in well doing, but also those that have stumbled and turned their back on God? And I think about when I whine about tough times that surround me with thick blackness, isn't that when a reflector reflects the Light best?

Ten years ago I was saved and I humbly say, Lord, I have much to learn.

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