September 10, 2008

Greatly Beloved

Sometimes when I read my Bible, certain things really grab me and a truth just hits me. Other times something intrigues me and I just have to dig into it more and find the "treasure." This week I was intrigued. "O man, greatly beloved" Who are these words spoken to and by whom?

David? Jesus? Moses? Paul? Actually these loving words were spoken to Daniel by an angel of God. What child doesn't like being told he is loved. We all long for that outpouring of affection from our parents, spouse, family and friends. And ultimately from our Creator. But to be greatly loved.......this speaks of being held especially dear. So I began to seek why Daniel was so greatly loved. What qualities did he have that endeared him so much to God? I began to dig and I will be meditating on what God showed me for awhile:

Separated- he was set apart when he was taken captive because of being without blemish; As a born-again believer, aren't I called to be set apart from this world? To be unspotted?

Knowledgeable-smart kid before taken captive about science, stars, and such; Am I seeking to grow in knowledge?

Refused to defile himself-by eating the king's meat and drinking his wine; Am I willing to deny myself the "pleasures" of this world and seek contentment in what God says is best for me?

Teachable-Daniel was a great student who excelled, and greatly impressed the king; Am I remaining teachable to the Spirit of Truth? And making changes in my life, even when it stretches me way outside my comfort zone?

Retained his true identity-his name is changed, but through out scripture he is still known as Daniel; Do I remember who I am in Christ?

Gave God the glory- said God, not himself, gave interpretation of dreams; Do I take credit for God's handiwork or do I give credit to the Master?

Unashamed- Daniel never hides that he is a man of God, he doesn't "sugar coat" the dream interpretations, his enemies well knew Daniel's prayer warrior habits; Do I tried to hide who my Heavenly Father is or that I am His child?

Uncompromising- not one sip or bite, he did not skipped prayer to save his life; Am I compromising my convictions or am I willing to lose my life for them?

Believed in his God-this is the scriptural reason for his protection in lion's den! Am I doubtiing or believing in my God?

Protected-because of his faith in God; Am I fearful of what man can do to me or feel protected no matter what the outcome may be?

Feared the Lord-he trembled at visions, fell on face, couldn't speak; Do I tremble at the thought of standing before Him someday soon?

Understood spiritual warfare-The angel expected Daniel to understand the reason for his delay and that he had to return to battle, Daniel doesn't seem surprised by this info; Do I realize that the spiritual world is more real than the world my eyes see?

Man of prayer and fasting-Daniel fasted and sought God diligently when problems arose; Do I seek the Lord diligently for myself or others I know? Am I coupling my intense prayers with fasting?

Faithful-never hear that there was a bad ending to Daniel's life; Am I on guard against sin so that my life witness isn't tarnished by my sins later in life?

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What insight and amazing truths. Too often we just skim over the 'stories' in the Word and forget to look deeper into thier meanings. Never forget what a blessing it is when GOD prompts you to look closer and when HE uncovers these gems. Also, never forget that once uncovered, we are accountable to act on them.
You are a blessing and never far from my heart.
Mrs. Amy Robbins