January 19, 2009

The Right Hand

First a comment to all you left handers: I have nothing against any of you. As I was told once "If your right hand uses the left side of your brain, then only left handers are in their right mind" :) I love left handers. My dearly loved MIL, my maternal grandmother, and even my preacher are left handed. I think even a judge in the Bible is mentioned as a left hander. And maybe after this I will do a study on the left hand, but for now I just want to share what was impressed upon my heart concerning the right hand.

A verse that has been a source of comfort and encouragement on this walk of single motherhood is "For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee." Isaiah 41:13

So I began to research in God's Word about the right hand and here are my notes:

RIGHT HAND----power, can save, holds up, full of righteousness, made strong, gotten victory, special place in God's right hand, does valiantly and is exalted, right hand a place of effectiveness and protection, God's right hand spands the heavens, Jesus is seated at God's right hand, Jesus was seen by Stephen standing at the right hand of God right before he was martyred, the right hand of God is place of intercession.

After this study, I feel God is saying more than just "I am here, don't be scared, you aren't alone." I believe the Lord was telling me He is holding me up from complete failure. With His hand in mine, He is giving me strength to be victorious. My LORD is sharing with me that I am protected and can be effective. And that Christ is ever interceeding on behalf of me and mine.
Those words have begun to soak into my soul and empowered me and endured me to my Saviour all the more.

P.S. Days later this thought came to me: Jim liked me to be on his right side. Whether we were sitting in a pew or driving some where or sleeping in bed. I was to his right and it was with his right hand that he reached out to me. And once again I stand in loving awe of how my Saviour used my husband and his ways to illustrate to me more of His heart and His ways.

Update: As a reminder to this promise of God, I have had my wedding ring resized. And now wear it on my right hand:)

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