September 19, 2009

Hang In There

"Life has got you all stressed out, you've had enough, without a doubt, But don't despair, just say this prayer...Dear Lord, help me hang in there!"

This was on a cork board that was given to me recently. I had admired it in a Christian bookstore I visit often, but just felt too selfish to buy it for myself. My son came up to me holding our meager purchases and also a long box with a bow on it. He said the sales lady had given it to him. I asked her about it she said, " It is for you." "From who?" I inquired. "The Lord put it on my heart to give it to you," was the reply from the sales clerk/owner. So I said, "Then I'll take it!" I answered with a smile.

When I got home and opened it I was surprised it was what I had been admiring. It just so touched my heart, not just the timing of this gift, but the woman's sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's promptings as well as God's reminder of "I Love You!!!!" Once again He reminds me that He remembers me and knows me, really knows me and all the emotions and thoughts that whirl around in my brain. My Lord knows me and He loves me anyway!!!


Leslie said...

I love that you were blessed in this way! You are loved.


joyful spirit said...

This reminds me of the hymn....Jesus Loves Even Me