December 01, 2009

Freedom Given By Tears

We often fail to realize the freedom our tears give others.

Recently my boys witnessed someone visiting their father's grave. They were quite in awe for several reasons. First, we can see the grave from our home and we know how infrequent it is visited. Second, this friend stayed at the grave for awhile. It gave the boys and me the opportunity to discuss what grown-ups do or say when they visit a loved one's grave. Thirdly, they saw that it was okay for tough guys to grieve over people they miss. It is okay to still miss them several years after they have died. It's okay to long for them to be here.
All these little things spoke volumes to the boys. It gave them freedom that it is okay for them to still miss Daddy. It is okay to cry over him being gone from us. You see, if others grieve for Daddy still, then surely it is okay for us to miss him also. And there is a great freedom in that!

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