January 22, 2010

Slivers and Needles


Snapp got a sliver in his foot and at the moment he is refusing to let me take it out. As I have tried to reason with the child, it occurred to me he is just like his mama:)

God comes to me and points out a sin and calmly offers to remove it from me. But I pull away fearing the pain of having it taken out, and so I leave the sin there to fester and cause more problems. Why are we so afraid of letting God yank our sins out? He is only being a loving Father, He knows what lies ahead if we leave it there. He waits for us to get to the point where we say, "Okay, will you please remove this from me?" I admit sometimes it hurts horrible to have a sliver pulled out, especially when it has gotten in deep. And so it is with sin, the deeper it is in us, the more painful to remove it, but what joy and freedom when it is gone?!

So today I am pondering what sins God sees in me that He is patiently waiting for me to say "Okay, please remove this from me?"


A needle in a haystack, that is what I felt like I was looking for last night. A needle got lost somewhere between the kitchen table and the shelf in the dinningroom. I searched and searched and searched and searched.

This am I got up and forgot it was still missing. Wearing just socks I went down and let the dogs out, suddenly I remembered and cautiously crossed the kitchen floor again. Then I climbed back up the stairs for my morning devotions. Determined to have a better day than yesterday, I thought through what God would say would make the perfect day and set out to do it. After having read my Bible, prayed for others, and exercised, I headed downstairs. I felt great! I was right on track with what I felt God would have me doing. I thought about that needle again and made a mental note to have the boys wear their shoes. I also thought that needle will probably painfully show up days or weeks from now. It was just impossible to find.

"Oh, ye of little faith. Nothing is impossible to God." God knew my doubt, but He also remembered my son's prayer of faith. He saw my obedience to do right, and covered my lack of faith with mercy. There on the floor, right where I had walked in the kitchen before, lay the needle. It shined in the light as if smiling at me that my God is the God of impossible things. I humbly thanked God and apologized again for putting limits on Him and His abilities. I am such a slow learner.

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