December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

Snipp wanted to have a Christmas party in his room, so much of the day he was preparing his room, rearranging and getting it set up. As dusk came, so did anticipation and they begged me to do supper later and just have the party.

So we began, after I did a little preparation myself, which included dressing up in church attire as I had been requested to wear. Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr were in their army fatigues. As I entered the room, the two older boys were on either side of the door saluting me, and the youngest was inside proudly holding our nations flag. Once I was seated, the older boys came marching in, saluted the flag and held their salute while all three recited the pledge, shouting out, "..Under GOD.."Then the festivities began. We sang songs, opened presents from some friends, but we couldn't open our treasure boxes because Baby Jesus was missing. Baby Jesus always has the key to the treasure boxes. We did find a note though, it said, "Wise men still seek HIM. Go ask the angel about whom ye seek!"

A little history now so you understand:On our first Christmas after we were married, we had no money for presents. So I patched my husband's favorite coat and we rejoice when God unthawed our well pump. That year I started a tradition. I wrote down blessings the Lord had given us through the year and shoved the slips of paper down into our stockings. And each year since then we have focused on our blessing stockings. Till Jim died. Hanging his stocking was just impossible and I didn't want to hang ours without his. So that year, I took a little cedar box and put in pictures or things to symbolize blessings/treasures God had given us. A picture of our van and house, a gold cross, a watch, a Bible, etc. Then the following year, I found the answer. Treasure Boxes!!!! So instead of stockings, we have treasure boxes that each year has a list of treasures/gifts from Jesus. What a joy and blessing to read last years treasures as I prepared the boxes.

Another tradition we added was one Daddy started the last Christmas he was with us. In my stocking was a clue to find my gift. It ended up being in the dryer!!! Anyway, so also in each treasure box now is a clue for example: Go to something Daddy read every day. As we all know, the figuring out the clues and the hunt is about as much fun as getting the gifts. It is also a reminder that treasures have to be sought after. Like the wisemen did to find Jesus. And that we too need to seek Christ to find Him.

Back to our Christmas adventure: "Go ask the angel about whom you seek." So we went to our nativity scene. We asked the angel who told us some of the Christmas story then sent us to Mary. Mary shared more of the story then sent us to Joseph and on it went. Final an old sheep sent us to the camel and the camel gave us a riddle. Snipp was able to solve it and found Baby Jesus in the cookie jar. Back up to treasure boxes. We opened them and read our Blessings. Then the boys read clues and found their three simple gifts. Later by only the light of the Christmas lights, we ate supper. It was fun and special. Later the boys camped out in Snipp's room and I read Luke 2 to them.

It was a good night. We felt held.

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MommaMindy said...

Your traditions are so precious and Christ-centered. I am sorry that you have to face all these times alone, but am thankful that you are worshipping the Father of the fatherless. It seems that you are giving your boys a great example of turning your hurting hearts to the Lord and letting Him heal and help. Thank you for sharing your heart.