August 30, 2012

Mercy & Truth

I have been clinging to Psalm 57 verse 3b for months now.
That God would send for His mercy and His truth.
Mercy isn't always what we think,
truth isn't always easy to hear.
Mercy sometimes is when God allows the difficult and painful to happen,
and then holds you up in the midst of it.
Mercy is sometimes an inward miracle not seen by the enemy,
but felt in the heart.
Truth sets us free and Christ is truth. These are true.
Hearing about how my Lord was beaten and whipped is true, but it sure is hard to hear.
Truth can be very heartwrenching.
And as in all things, the Deceiver is working to twist truth and manipulate our interpretation of situations. So sometimes only God knows the whole truth. And I am learning that I need to be okay with that. Sometimes I seek to know about whole situations that I miss the lessons Christ is trying to teach me. And sometimes those lessons are so overwhelming, I feel like a kindergartner trying to understand algebra!
This much I know and this is what I cling to time and time again:
"God Almighty loves those I care for more than I do. His ways are best. And my Lord loves me more than I'll ever understand. He knows all, sees all, understands all. I am just to trust and remember His way is best."

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