May 08, 2013

Only Almighty God....

As I sat and listened to my preacher Sunday night, Almighty God reminded me again that He is everywhere and knows everything, even the things hidden in the heart.

Only the Omniscient God could hear the silent prayer of my heart, and begin to answer it using my pastor's sermon.

Only The Great Teacher knew of my conversation with Snapp earlier that day and have the preacher uses the same biblical example in his sermon. 

Only the Everlasting Father knew about the struggle between me and Snipp that afternoon and had my preacher use the same key phrase I had spoken to my son about his father.

Only God knew.......
Oh, there are so many things if I would just notice them more....

Only the Maker of Eternity can make the timing work so I could go to my niece's concert and also make it to my 5th grader girls' spring concert as well, even though they were in towns 30miles apart.

Only the All Wise God could have me pick a curriculum two years ago that would require Snurr to memorize Psalm 1 and put it so deeply in his heart that is what he just had to preach at Preachfest. 

Only my Beloved LORD loves me so much that even though He knows how I messed up and failed yesterday in many ways, He still greeted me with sunshine and mercy this morning.  Only the Great Comforter can wrap His love around my heart and bring healing to my heart and soul.

Oh, dear reader, I pray that you understand how real and personal the LORD is and that you feel Him working on you and in your life. 

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