February 26, 2014


As has been my routine for the last year,
I went and picked up some girls to bring to church tonight.
One of the girls' little sister is almost four and I just never know what she is going to say.

Tonight she said, "I am a superhero, just like you, Mrs. Christine!" She gave me a hug when we got to church. I told her, "I love you."
She responded with "I love you too. And I love Jesus also." Amen!!!

She made my night:)

Her big sista texted me tonight about some prayer needs and stated " (my sister) is right, you are a superhero"

Now, folks, I don't see myself this way.
But I remember the day I first met these two sisters.
And they have grown to love Jesus so much.

I don't think I have any super powers, but I know the GOD who does!
And HE has allowed me to see HIS power at work in the lives of these two girls.
What a blessing!

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