March 14, 2014

Purity vs Virginity

Recently I have had several different girls ask me if someone is still a virgin if they were molested or raped. I know I usually don't write on this stuff here but it is on my heart so I must write.

Personally I think purity is more important than virginity.
Well, let's see.....
There are many "technical virgins" who have never gone "all the way" but who have kissed handfuls of boys and made out with them and don't see any problem with it. They defile their minds with romance books and give their hearts away to boys they text or Facebook.

Then there is the girl who was raped as a young girl.  She is told she isn't a virgin anymore.
She feels defiled and has a choice to make.

She can choose to dedicate her body back to Christ and ask Him to make her pure again.
And ask Him to help her stay pure in body, mind, and heart.

OR she can choose to stay feeling defiled and listen to satan's lies that she can never be pure. She will abuse her body and let others use her body.  She will let her mind be polluted by lies and she will give her heart away to those who don't cherish it. 

Another thing about virginity.
Why is it some boys think they can just walk up to a girl and ask her if she is a virgin.
That is a very private question.  That is a question that a man who decides to court a young lady should ask.  If her virginity was stolen from her, she can then tell him and the choices she made afterwards.

Sadly the statistics are very alarming. Last I knew the reports said 1 out of every 4 girls has been violated  sexually before they are 18. And that is only those that report it.  I think it is more likely a lot higher.  So when we talk about virginity, I think we need to stress PURITY.  These girls that are statistics need to know there is hope that they can be pure no matter what has been taken from them.

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