March 28, 2014

I Want That Mountain Update 1

So we kicked off our campaign and I dressed up like a hiker with a visor, backpack, and a walking stick the boys cut and worked on for me.  I chose an ibex as our mascot as they are fearless, surefooted and agile.

Our first week was Promises and Mountains:
  • God promised Caleb that land. What has God promised you? Our job is to believe God will give it to us and remind Him you are trusting in Him for it.
  • Mountains are hard! There are difficult areas in our lives we need to conquer.
  • Mountains are big; so we will turn to God and not try to do it in our own strength.
  • Mountains are protected; our problems seem tough.  God puts people in our life who have conquered mountains to help us have courage.
  • Caleb had to be patient; we need to be patient too.  Trust God and wait on God.
As a friend had a medical emergency, I reminded God of His promise to me, that her health issues would not be unto death.  God was faithful and she got the help she needed.

Our second week was The Mountain of Rejection:
  • Mountains either hold us in or we can conquer them and control them.
  • The fear of rejection is a common mountain in many of our lives
  • A person doesn't fully mature until they learn to give over to God their desire to gain the approval of their parents, friends, and family.
  • We commonly respond to rejection by getting anger and bitter. We say we don't care, when we really care deeply. We also run.
  • We can overcome rejection when we stop seeking approval of others, and instead seek God's approval.
  • We need to choose to believe Christ accepts me, not by what I've done, but because of what Christ says about me after He covered my sins with His blood.
  • Why does God allow rejection? So we come to turn to Him, find approval in Him, and let God make you into somebody that is needed and valued.
I have seem multiple examples of people reacting wrongly to rejection. 
Please pray for us as we seek to respond correctly to any kind of rejection.

Our third week is The Mountain of Selfishness:
  • Being selfish isn't only about caring only about yourself.  It is also caring for others, BUT caring for what you want and what's best for us above everyone else.
  • We need to live for God. Live for eternity and not today!
  • We need to seek to make others happy.  But don't compromise Biblical values.
  • Serve others.  God puts extremely selfish people in a place where they always have to serve another.
  • Give to meet the needs of others. The giving person can be the most unselfish person. 
God gave me the opportunity to give this week.  To give my time to another, to give my prayers, to give my tears of understanding, to give financially, to give a listening ear, to give encouragement, to give a helping hand. I still have much to learn to conquer this mountain completely though.

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