April 09, 2008

Go Seeing Daddy

This past week we had special meetings at church. There was so much that touched my heart that I cannot blog it at this time. But something God clearly spoke to me on was this. "If your husband was going to be in town from 8pm-10pm on a Saturday night, wouldn't you take the boys and go meet with him?" It wouldn't matter how late it was, it wouldn't matter how early we needed to get up the next morning for Sunday School. No excuse would be good enough to deny myself and the boys time with my husband, time with daddy. "I am their Father; I am Your Husband. Come meet with me this Saturday night," my Lord whispered to me. Every Saturday night our church has prayer meeting. And God's Word says, "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." God, the Almighty Caretaker of us promised to be there. Why have we denied ourselves His Presence?? Why? No more. No more excuses. We went to prayer meeting this last Saturday and let me simple say, God was there! It was like when your eyes are shut you can still feel a hug and the feeling of being loved lasts long after that hug is done. The Presence of God was powerfully there. Snipp even told me he felt it. We definately will be going to see Abba this Saturday night:)

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