May 05, 2008


A couple weeks ago at prayer meeting, I just felt God was withholding Himself from me. Usual as we pray, I can just feel His Presence almost like a father holding his child on his lap. But at that meeting, I just felt God was distant. Instantly, I began to search my mind for sins unconfessed and sought the Lord again. Still distance, I was beginning to feel panic rose up within and got out of my seat and dropped desperately to my knees. Still ..... God withholded Himself, it felt like hours passed, but then moments later I felt His arms surrounding me, holding me, calming my fears. And He whispered to my soul, "This is how those who don't know me feel. You have forgotten what it was like, not to have this relationship with Me. I needed to remind you." Of course, the tears of relief and joy spilled over my cheeks as I nestled in His embrace. And I recalled the days before the Lord saved me. And was overwhelmed by how much I take my relationship with Christ for granted and how indifferent I had gotten toward those who don't know Him. I became overwhelmed with love for my Savior and compassion for those who are missing it, those who think I "got religion" and don't understand that I have a relationship with Christ Jesus, the Son of God who died for me!!! Who created me to have this relationship with Him, and who loves me more than I will ever understand! Oh, how I love being overwhelmed by His Presence.

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