September 17, 2011


I realize I haven't posted in awhile.
Yet my God is still at work in amazing ways everyday.
For example, just today at the eye drs.

Snapp really bent his glasses so bad I thought we'd have to get new frames. I didn't even think they would hold his lenses in anymore. Snapp felt horrible about it and shed many tears. We took them in today and the dr took them out back himself and straightened them. It was truly a miracle. I could not believe that he not only got them bent back but that you can't even tell what happen unless you look closely. Snapp ran up to the eye dr. and gave him a hug and said thank you. The dr. was very surprised to get a thank you hug. When we got outside, Snapp and I took a moment to thank Jesus. It really was a miracle at least to us.

Anyway, so my Lord is at work. I just have been too silent on here about it. I titled this Balance because that is something I am working on here. Balancing my activities and my time and this blog has fallen to the back burner. I hope to get it updated with some other fingerprints of God and His work in our lives. But until then just keep us in prayer as we balance homeschooling, church activities, housework, yard work, reaching out to other grieving families and countless other things that are going on in our lives.

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Leslie said...

Good to hear from you friend! Balance is a great thing to aim for. It's a constant goal for me too. (((Christine))))

Love you friend!