September 30, 2011

The Value of Prayer

Many years ago I read an article called A Parable of God's Perspective by Robin Jones retold by Casandra Lindell. Everytime I read these words I get goosebumps.

"Ah, Bert, you should hear his prayers!" Intense love flashed in God's eyes like lightning. "Simple prayers from an aching heart. This is triumph over evil. Trusting me--that is the choice." God smiled through sparkling tears of love."Isn't he magnifient?".....God spoke softly, never letting his eyes leave the scene....."Go down and get him, Michael....I'll arrange the party."

The morning after Jim died I remember walking into the diningroom and seeing the streamers still up that we had put up for his birthday. And the words "I'll arrange the party," had echoed in my head.

Having reread this parable this morning, I am reminded of all the nights I have paced the hallway praying through my tears with my heart aching. Aching for my loss, aching over my sins, aching for my boys, aching for others and the sin they have entangled themselves in, aching because of their unbelief.

Oh, how little the value we all to often put on prayer. Yet how valuable it is in God's eyes.

Also this morning, we read in God's Word about when He cleansed the temple. He called it a house of prayer, not a house of praise or a house of singing or a house of worship. A house of prayer. God highly values prayer. And I am afraid of how little we value prayer and how often we neglect to pray as individuals, as families, as a church, as a nation..............

Lord, please help me remember how precious You value prayer.

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Leslie said...


I love your heart friend and am thankful for your encouragement to spend more time in prayer!