September 21, 2011


A key element in my quest for Balance is a list of priorities.

Through several different Bible studies and sermons, these are the list of priorities I am aiming to keep in proper order:

1 Relationship with God-we have heard of the love languages.

How am I communicating to God my love?

Quality time--do I spend time talking to Him? Not just quick arrow prayers at meals either. Heart to heart chats. Do I spend time reading His love letters to me in the Bible? Do I ask Him to show me how to apply His word to my life? Do I go and work where the Holy Spirit prompts me that He is already at work? Do I value a soul as He does?

Acts of Service--do I DO what I know pleases Him? Do I do what He commands? Do I serve others as though it was Him?

Gifts--Do I give Him my time, my talents, my tithe? Do I give special offerings or gifts to others secretly so He only is praised?

Words of Affirmation--do I speak praises of my Lord to Him and to others? Do I tell others what great things He has done? Do I thank Him for everything, even the tough, painful things?

Touch--God is touched by our prayers. Every detail is important to him. Prayers of thanksgiving and praise, prayers of confession and repentance, prayers of intercession, and prayers of pleading and healing...Am I casting every care upon Him?

2 My relationship with my husband

(for me this means a double portion of my relationship with God) If you are married, remember the ways to express your love to our Lord, apply them to your husband.
Included in my relationship with my husband is my body/ my health. Upon marriage a wife's body belongs to her husband. I Corinthians 7:4 Upon salvation a born-again believer's body becomes property of the Master. It was bought with a price and I am to glorify God in my body.
Am I get the rest I need, putting the right things into it, getting up and moving my body as it was created to do? Am I thinking right? Listening to the right kind of music? reading the right kind of books? Am I putting on armour of God for protection? Dressing in a way modest way that reveals I am a daughter of the King?

3 My relationship with my children-
This makes sense. Having them #3. But I find that often in today's world the children are placed before the husband or even helping others maybe placed before the children. A quote I heard recently was the sheep who needed the shepherd the most were the ones he left at home. I must make sure that I am feeding my flock, taking care of their physical, emotional, academical, and mostly spiritual needs before others.

4 Soulwinning--This means being involved in the church's weekly visitation but also to have the mindset all day. To see others as souls not just people here, but souls with an eternal destiny. Everyone is going somewhere: Heaven or Hell.

5 Church Ministries--God calls us to be involved in our local church. He has given me and the members of my family certain talents and gifts. What are they? Where am I headed? Where is our family headed? This isn't to serve just to serve; it is purposefully prayed over and God's will is sought. I have seen many church families with this out of balance. And serve with your family, my preacher often says. When I seek God's will and find it considering service to Him, He won't lead me to overdo it, yet He won't be satisfied in us being slothful either.

6 Helping others--This can be done in numberous ways. Smiles, cards, a simple touch on the shoulder or pat on the back, little gifts, phone calls, texts, give a need you see, this is ministries of the heart. Notice this is # 6. It is still important. Very important, but don't bake a cake for the neighbor and not feed our own family. Remember our children/husband need hugs just as much as a sad friend does.

These priorities are helping me to get my life in balance.
And I pray to keep them in balance as well.

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