January 09, 2012

Only Believe

Grief and heartache are commonplace in this world. In Mark I read what Jesus said to one such hurting man. Words of comfort, words of hope, words of direction….words I pray encourage every grieving soul….

Jairus sought out Jesus to heal his daughter and fell down at His feet. Many of us are at this same place. Does your love for your child compel you to run to Jesus and fall at His feet? Maybe they battle a disease, or the child is grieving a loved one that has died, or the child has forsaken their faith, or the child has a learning disability. Whatever your deep concern is, have you run to Jesus about it?

“He besought him greatly…” Jairus poured out his heart to Jesus. He believed Jesus could heal her and revive her from her near death state. He desired Jesus to come and touch her. Hope began to fill his heart as the Master listened, He cared, and he begins to head home with Jarius.

Then the interruption came. The woman with the issue of blood touches Jesus and He wants to know who touched Him. Seems like a silly question. Isn’t He God? Of course He knew who touched Him, I think He just wanted her to confess and for the crowd to know about it. The disciples, the crowd, and Jairus needed to hear Jesus tell her that it was her faith had made her whole.

Then came messangers bring the news Jairus dreaded. When he saw them coming straight faced and serious, did he feel the same awful feeling in his gut as I did when the police pulled in my driveway? Maybe for you it was the doctor saying the words “incurable” about your child’s disease, or your grieving son doubting in the existance of God, or your daughter refuses to go to church with you, or the test scores that reveal that your child is years behind where he should be…….…

How many “if’s” must have played through Jairus’ mind. If that woman hadn’t of stopped Him. If I had come sooner. If there wasn’t such a crowd. Don’t we go down the “if” road too? If we had taken our child to this other doctor sooner. If my child would just open up about their grief. If that person hadn’t of offended our child. If if I was a better teacher...

Oh ,hope must have been snuffed out when the words “Thy daughter is dead” came to his ears and slowly sank into his heart. The searing pain, the overwhelming grief that must of sucked Jairus’ breath away and made it hard to stay standing, hard to even take another breath. The fear that must of swirled around him and the blackness of despair that began in his stomach and seemed to consume his insides.

And fears do come. They seem to pounce on our hearts and send us into a panic within ourselves. Fear of a child having physical pain or even dying before you do. Fears of your spouse’s death causing your child to turn away from God and you. Fear that your child has strayed so far away from God that they will never return, fear they were never born-again and won’t ever enter heaven. Fear that your child will have struggles all life long because he cannot read well. Fear….the opposite, the very enemy of faith.

Then through the pain came the Master’s voice, “ Be not afraid; only believe.” Five simple words, five powerful words to the heart of a grief stricken soul.

Our Lord is so wise, He knows our hearts. He knows how a grieving soul’s mind is racing and emotions are so thick that many words cannot be comprehended. Simple words of comfort and hope to a man whose emotions were raw and whose ears couldn’t handle a lot of speech.

Jesus said “..only believe.” He could have reminded Jairus of many of his other miracles, he could have even pointed out about the woman he had healed. But instead Christ said, “Be not afraid, only believe. Believe? Believe what?

Believe on Christ. Believe in Him to heal your child either here on earth or in heaven. Believe He loves you and desires what is best for you. Believe He can help you endure and that He loves your child even more than you do. Believe that He allowed their parent’s death not to destroy your child, but to work something special inside them. Believe that your wayward child will turn to Christ and be born-again. Believe that your children’s learning struggles are to strengthen him to soar like a butterfly’s struggles to get out of a cocoon are to strengthen its wings to soar. Believe that joy will come. Believe He will heal the broken in heart and bind up their wounds. Believe that you won’t hurt forever.

Only Believe
When the pain is blinding, when hope seems gone, when grief and sorrow attack your soul, Cling to Jesus and Believe. Believe He loves you, Believe that He is God, Believe that He is a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. Believe He bears your grief and sorrow. Believe and find shelter in His arms. Believe and find hope and strength in His words.
Be not afraid, only Believe!

Mark 5:36 As soon as Jesus heard the word that was spoken, he saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Be not afraid, only believe.

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Josh said...

Thank you so much for posting this, Christine. It was such a blessing to me and just what I needed to hear. Thank you for letting the Lord be used and seen through you. Kim Stilwell