February 26, 2008

Pay Your Tithe

This year I placed all my finances in the Lord's hands. Sounds easy, but I know I am not alone when I say that I used to think 10% went to God and the rest was mine to do with as I wished. The Lord revealed to me that I am just a steward of everything in my life: my children, my possessions, my money, etc. And that He is the real owner. So I placed these things in His Hands and rested in the fact that He was going to take care of everything as long as I followed His instructions. To some of you this may sound like bondage, but really it is freeing to know that He has possession because I sure can make a mess of things. Anyway, all of this is to lay the foundation for another one of life's lessons. A relative died and we had traveled out of state. Before leaving home, I made sure bills were paid, tithe was mailed in to our church, and the van was serviced. My van began to act up as we reached our destination and continued to do so until God revealed a lesson to me. My husband's family and us went out to eat at one of those huge buffet restraurants and the total equaled my tithe! I paid the bill and pondered this. There is NO coincidences with God. I excused myself to the restroom and had a chat with my Lord. "I don't understand this. I mailed my tithe in." "Yes, you did. You were concerned about this coming Sunday, but you forgot about last week's" "OH" I had been home sick. I apologized for handling His money wrongly, felt His forgiveness, and rejoined the family. Several family members tried to thank me for the meal, but I insisted that they thank God for this meal was on Him! And you know what, my van was just fine after that and we had done nothing to it!!!!! So, please learn from this and pay your tithe.

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