February 02, 2008


I turned away from the grove and headed back toward the house. Thoughts of my husband flooded my mind and tears threatened to make rivers down my cheeks. Unexpectantly, the dog growled and I looked up to see a boy on a bicycle. He quietly hopped off and walked toward me carrying something. I asked what I could do for him and he handed me a tube of deer summer sausage "from a deer we got" he said. We chatted a little more and I discovered he lived just a couple miles over and was from a plain dressed community. As he turned and rode away, my dog and I stood silently. The snow fell down gently around us and the air was so quiet. I looked down at the sausage. Did they know that the anniversary of my husband's death was near? Did they remember too or did they just follow the Lord's prompting to deliver it at this time? One thing was certain, God remembered. He knew how my soul ached. He knew the tears that my heart cried. He even knew how I love venison. Just a day before I had told someone how we had a buck in our backyard. And how beautiful it was to watch, but I told him if he came back, he'd be rump roast. A minor desire yet still heard by my Heavenly Father who cares ever so much about detail. Oh, how loved I felt. New tears welded up within me, not of sadness, but humble gratitude. Christ loves me, and oh, how sweet to be reminded. And then I too remembered .

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