June 23, 2008

A Shelter in the Time of Storm

June has been such a whirlwind month, and now it soon will be over. But not without a couple testimonies of God's touch on our lives. We had very bad weather much too often this month. And the path of it seemed to always go over our home. The first time we received calls from family and friends who know we are not TV watchers, and alerted us to the approaching severe weather. So we camped out in the basement and read Charlotte's Web. The next time we were away from home and felt we should stop at my in-law's to check the weather before heading home. Praise the Lord because if I had just gone home I would have had tornado producing clouds over our heads. Later that night we debated whether we should head home, but ended up staying with family. Once again, glad we did! Flash flooding had occurred and I wouldn't had seen all that I needed to see. Less than a week later, after a visit with my folks, I felt we were to head into town instead of home. I got a phone call shortly there after from my sister-in-law that another severe cell with rotation was headed toward the roads I would have been on if I was going home. I knew before that God protects. But now I know that I know that I KNOW GOD protects. And I am thankful I listened to His promptings. And I wonder how many "storms" I could have avoided if I had listened better in the past.

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