February 20, 2010

What Brings Comfort?

A friend recently asked this question on her blog. I responded with the comments below.

Different things bring comfort at different times.

Today it was footprints in the snow to my husband's grave. Someone else remembers, someone else misses him.

Many physical things of comfort are connected to my beloved: wearing his lined flannel shirts, hugging pillows made from his shirts, looking at his pictures, seeing him on a home movie, certain smells, his coveralls, notes/cards, seeing a toothpick, wrapping up in a blanket he gave me.....

Other things of comfort come from others: phone calls, long chats, hugs, more hugs, my children's smiles, someone sharing a memory, their prensence in my home, little gifts, words of encouragement, praying with me, praying over me and mine outloud.....

Music and journalling have been a great comfort. Crying too is a comfort to release all the emotions within.

Reading through the Psalms as well as other books of the Bible. Letting it speak to me personally. Then clinging to the truth God shares.

God dates-getting alone with God for several hours in a special place where I can't be interrupted.

One of the most comforting of these times is what first popped into my head when I read your post.

It was a warm breezy day and I was going on a God date. I wasn't sure where I was driving, but I ended up visiting an old country cemetary. Jim and I had gone there when we were dating.I could still feel our love there. It may sound morbid, but we liked to look at the stones and see how the people were related and how old they were and things.

Anyway, it is a beautiful place. There is a rise on top of one of the little hills that looks out over the countryside. It is very peaceful there. I sat on the top of that hill and just poured out my heart to the Lord as the wind blew around me carrying my sobs away. I was there for hours. It was the longest I had been away from the children since my husband had departed to Heaven. I cried for a long while. I questioned God and I shared my fears, worries, and heartache. Finally, I had no more to say.

I sat silent and just let the wind whip my hair around and the sunlight warm my face. I felt God so near to me. I don't remember Him sharing anything, I just remember feeling very loved. When I left, I felt more alive than I had in months. The sea of fear, worry, and deep agony was calm. I still ached for my husband terrible, but God's love was surrounding me like an armour.

I guess these two scripture sum up where my greatest comfort came from and still comes from:

"Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you." Also "Be still and know I am God."

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