February 20, 2010

And I Love Me!

Tonight as little Snurr and I were cuddling I gave him several squeezes and said, "Mommy loves you, and Daddy loves you, and Jesus loves you soooooo much He died for you!"

Little Snurr rolled with this and added, "And Grandma S. loves me, and Snipp and Snapp love me, and Grandma G. loves me, and Grandpa B. loves me, and Grandpa S. loves me, and..."

So I chimed in, "And Preacher loves you, and Mrs. A. loves you, and Mrs. K. loves you, and L. loves you...."

And he interrupted, "And M. loves me, and Aunt S. loves me, and ....... I love myself!!

I know I missed fifteen or more other friends and relatives he rattled off, but you get the point. What made me smile so big was when Snurr proclaimed, "And I love myself!"

How many teenagers or adults for that matter can truly say they loved themselves wholeheartedly like that? This little critter feels so surrounded by love he can't help but love himself.

If we could just fathom how deep and pure and strong and measureless is God's love that we too would feel so surround by His love that we could say wholeheartedly, "And I love me!"

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