March 04, 2010

Late Night Surprise

One night at 2am Little Snurr came into my room complaining of pain. The pain seemed to move around for awhile, then he finally decided it was in his ear. So we went down stairs to do my regular treatment, warm olive oil infused with garlic oil and warm compress. As we waited for Mr. Ouie-Bear to warm up (He has beans in him) we chatted quietly.

Suddenly our chocolate lab bristled up and growled fiercely out the window. I jumped as did Snurr. We investigated and saw an interesting sight. A beautiful doe was in our driveway. It walked around the yard for awhile. We moved to different windows as needed to keep watching it for the next 10 minutes. Snurr forgot all about his earache by this time.After it left, we looked back where we first saw it and there was another deer! The second doe ran quickly up the drive and disappeared into the night.

By this time our warm compress a.k.a. Mr. Ouie-Bear was all warmed up. We headed back up to bed with smiles. It was a special moment just the two of us had shared and we couldn't wait till morning to share it with Snipp and Snapp. Cuddles with Mama and Mr. Ouie-Bear lulled Snurr to sleep and I got to ponder the timing of my Lord yet again.

"God doesn't waste pain." A woman named Barb said those words even though she knew she was dying of cancer. It is a powerful truth! Snurr's pain was not wasted. We were given a precious memory. This pain of widowhood isn't wasted either. It unites me with others who I can encourage on the way. It causes me to be more sensitive and mindful of fleeting moments.

"God's timing is perfect." Another quote I was told and one I believe with all my heart. Snurr's earache was perfectly timed for us to see the deer. I know of a man who was terminated from his job at the same time another and better job became available. A friend's coworker/friend died suddenly and her husband was in between jobs at that perfect time. He was able to give her the extra tenderness she needed. Someone was laid on my heart on a certain day, so I prayed. Later I find out an unexpected and interesting conversation happened that day.

Earlier this week, Snipp's devotional had this scripture in it:

Isaiah 55:8-9
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts"

Isn't that the truth!! So why do I think I can figure out what He is doing in my life? It all comes back to trusting my Heavenly Father to know what is best for me. To just keeping doing the last thing He told me to till He gives me my next instructions.

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joyful spirit said...

what a beautiful reminder! so happy you were able to share such a unique moment with a creature created by God with your little one. He is so good to give us what we need when we need it.