March 23, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Young Snapp and I were discussing Barabbas tonight and he said a very thought provoking thing. "I am glad they (the Jews) didn't say release Jesus. Because then we wouldn't have a way to be saved." I told him I never thought about that before.

I often had imagined Barabbas being in the crowd to see who was chosen instead of him to die, watching Christ on the cross knowing it was suppose to be him. Just like I know it is I who deserved to suffer for my sins. But them little rascals have a way of thinking things we don't often think and seeing things different. I can agree with Snapp, I am glad they chose Barabbas to be released too. His release provided the way for me to be reconciled to my God through Christ Jesus.

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Leslie said...

I too love the view of children. They often have the ability to see things that we have missed.

Barabbas is one of the people in the Bible that has always intrigued me. I wonder if he realized that Jesus died for *him* and if this made a difference in his life? We'll know one day!

Hope your Easter is blessed dear friend!