March 13, 2010

I Will Work Part 1

About a week ago, I was asked to pray about something I didn't have a whole lot of information about. Sometimes that is best. Though I didn't know specifics, I could feel an intense urgency to pray very concentrated. So I let the boys watch a movie and got alone with my Lord.

I felt almost fearful. I poured out my heart to the Lord about the matter and expressed my concern that satan was attacking certain individuals, seeking to destroy them. I felt the Lord reminded me He is sovereign; He is in control. But then I brought up how people can give in and comply with the devil. And my mind envisioned Judas kissing Jesus on the cheek. The answer to this one was from scripture, Isaiah 43:13 "I will work and who shall let it?" Oh, Lord, I prayed, pain may come as I pictured the cross. "Beauty will rise from the ashes." was the answer.

I had to leave my consecrated time but these three statements stayed with me:

1) God is soverign over satan's attacks; He is in control.

2) God will work and who shall let (stop or hinder) it?

3) Beauty will rise from the ashes.

About five days later, we had a guest speaker at church. And his key verse was Isaiah 43:13!! Oh, goosebumps!! Key words from his sermon, " I will work"

(to be continued)


joyful spirit said...

There are no coincidences....thanks for sharing!

rainydaymichele said...

Confirmation is always awesome. :) Praying for you today. :)