May 05, 2010

No Fear

Again the Lord has taught me something through my children. Snipp and Snapp went together to get our mutt who had wandered away into the woods. I usually go with them, but this time Snurr needed my attention. Less than eight minutes later, Snipp emerged triumphant with our dog on the leash. But where was Snapp? About two minutes later, here he came. I thought he might be upset for being left behind in the woods. We had seen coyote tracks by the creek previously and I thought he might be fearful of them. Nope, he trudged over to the porch swing and climbed up next to me exhausted. Chasing down a mutt is hard work:) I asked him if he was scared when Snipp who was pulled by the dog home left him alone in the woods.

"I wasn't scared; if a coyote or wolf got me, I'd go to Heaven. And if they didn't, I knew you'd be here at home. "

His words reminded me of a story I heard of a woman who was so calm as the ship she was on was caught in a violent storm. When asked later why she was so calm, she explained that she had one daughter in heaven and another waiting for her at port. She knew she was going to see one of them soon, she just didn't know which.

Help me, Lord, to trust in You and have no fear.