May 01, 2010

Changing Word For the Year

Some of you know that my word for the year was consistent....well last year my word was focused and God changed it to prayer. It took me 5 months to accept it, but I finally have accepted that God has changed my word for this year to counsel.

Follower of Christ, Godly Widow, Godly Single Mother, Effective and Fun Homeschool Mom, Prayer Warrior, Praiser with song, and Counselor with Words of Life.........these are the many roles I feel I have been given by God. Yikes! Emaculate housekeeper didn't make the list...LOL. On a serious note, all of these are impossible without My God and surrounding each calling in intense prayer is a must.

So, dear readers, if you think of me-- pray for me to be worthy of my calling and to be a clear window for Him. So that when others look at me doing these roles, they see through me and see the beauty of GOD.

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