August 26, 2010

Lessons from Joshua

o Face reality ex. Moses is dead
o Hear and obey the call for action ex. Arise, go
o Be strong and of good courage ch. 1: 6,7,9, and 18
o You are not alone v. 5+9
o God’s Battle Plans 1:8
o Rise up early (Be prepared)
o Sanctify (set apart) yourself
o Step into the water in faith
o Remember with stones what God has done in your life
o Realize the power of your testimony ch. 4:24
o Learn from your forefathers sins
o Be lowly and humble. Put your face to the ground often.
o Obey God even when it makes no sense.
o Secret sin always causes others to innocently suffer.
o Destroy sin entirely.
o Value true confession and truth
o Don’t quit; try, try again.
o Don’t be deceived. Always check with God even if all the facts seem to line up.
o Use your Sword well.
o Remember God, not you, gives the victory.
o Have faithful friends who are mountain conquerors.
o Bless others with your words and actions.
o Be merciful.
o Honor those that serve God.
o Give Godly counsel.
o Lead by Example.
o Encourage others to love God.
o Stand strong in the Lord.
o Fear the Lord.
o Chose to serve the Lord and be faithful so your descendants serve Him too.
o Be a man who keeps his covenant.

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