August 09, 2010

Sand or Stone

Recently I read a devotional to the boys about forgiveness. It spoke of two friends traveling together. When the first friend hurt the other, the second friend wrote it in the sand. The wind of time ended up erasing it. When the first friend helped and did good to the other, the second friend wrote it on stone. Wow!! There are many applications to this story. Yet what stood out to me was what do I daily write in sand or stone? Do I write a wrong my child has done on stone and only write their sweet compliment in the sand? If so, shame on me!!! How about the insensitive remark from a relative or the ungrateful action of a friend? I need to just write it in the sand. And when those same individuals do something positive and praiseworthy, I need to write it in stone. How grateful I am for individuals in my life that have not written in stone the offensive things I have done against them. Sand or Stone? A question for you, dear reader to ponder. Interestingly enough our pastor also preached recently on bitterness which is the opposite of forgiveness. I love seeing how the Lord ties truth together in our lives! It causes me to look at my heart and view what I have written on stone. Like me, some of you might need to take out the chisel and remove some things from our stones and write them in the sand instead. Then remember the next time you feel offended, think sand or stone? Where does it need to be written?

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