January 13, 2008

God Says McDonald's

Sunday am: I was getting ready and thinking about what to feed the boys, when I felt the Lord tell me, "Go to McDonald's" We never go out to eat on a Sunday morning, though we have ate on the way to church before. "Lord, we got to leave by 8AM to be able to do this." I told the boys of the plan and by 8 o'clock we were out the door. On the way, I kept wondering what was going to happen or who we would see there. As we walked up to order, the mom of some of our bus kids greeted us from off to the side. The whole family had come to church before Christmas and they had been heavy on my mind. I had been determined last week to stop by their home. In fact, in my purse I had a church bulletin as well as coloring pages for their youngest daughter who had been in my Sunday School class. But some how I never had accomplished my goal. Here was the reason for the strange instructions to eat out , and why the boys had woken up extra early this morning. I made sure I got the pages in my purse to her letting her know I'd been thinking of her. Only God knows why this day was better than last week. God's timing is perfect though we certainly aren't.

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