January 12, 2008

Snipp and The Wolf

He walked very hesitantly, balancing the flashlight and the bucket. Quickly, for the third time, Snipp raced back toward the house, tears streamed down his cheeks. My momma's heart wanted to go take his hand and walk him through the darkness to his destination. But a greater wisdom said this was a battle he needed to face on his own. So once again, I encouraged him and prayed over him, then sent him back out into the winter night. I cheered him on through the window........he walked uncertainly till he got to how far he had gotten before. He shined the flashlight all around him into the darkness, then back at me still at the window. Ever so slowly, Snipp crept forward out of the glow of the yard light toward the darkness; he still shined the light all around him cautiously. Finally, he reached his destination. Snipp dumped the bucket and walked, still cautiously but with a little more confidence, back to the house. I met him at the door cheerfully. His cheeks were still damp from previous tears and he looked very solemn. "You did it!" I exclaimed to Snipp. "Yay, the eyes in the woods were really headlights on the road. And it wasn't a wolf, but a board in the weeds,"he remarked with a smirk as he said the last part. We hugged and I think he had grown 2 inches taller. Sometimes what we fear most is really a lie in our mind and it is actually something harmless.

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