January 21, 2008

Waiting in Silence

Silence is a rare thing in this home with three rambuncious boys, but the other night I took them over to a friends home not far away.. As I walked into the warm house again, silence enveloped me. It was the strangest thing to have the house all quiet and it not being the middle of the night. Even then the dog is snoring! I spoke out loud to the quietly sleeping dog, and my voice sounded so loud in the childless house. As I waited for my friends to arrive, I expected the Lord to say something since He had my undivided attention. But that was not to be. Silence....just silence. Sometimes I feel like that in my prayer life, that I have sought for answers and direction and receive only silence. But I remember reading in a devotional once that when God is silent it is usually because He is quietly at work behind the scenes. And in the meantime, I am to grow in the waiting process. It can be so hard to wait in silence. Yet, in the past God has answered in His time, and He will do so again, I am sure. For the moment, I was to just trust in His quietness.

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