June 22, 2010

Father's Day #5

This was our 5th time of Father's Day without Daddy here.
It was filled with much activity and fun. Quiet reflections and at times clouds of sadness.
I have added much to this blog tonight and so I will give the nutshell version of our day:

We had morning devotions of God being our Heavenly Father, a Father to the fatherless, a Father to all, and an everlasting Father.
The boys road the church bus to church and we ate breakfast there.
Amazing sermon! (More on that in future post)
Boys wanted to do Daddy's tradition of cheese sticks after morning worship, then we went to where he would sometimes eat his lunch and read his Bible on days he worked.
We travel to a park they visited when I was away and walked a trail in the woods.
We had some orneriness, some ugliness, some sadness, and some joy.
We stopped at the roadside memorial and Snapp's bookmark is still there! It is very faded, but the words I LOVE YOU, DADDY! can boldly be seen. Snapp was thrilled.
We fell asleep exhausted, glad to be home, yet a linger feeling someone is missing.

After shocks are hitting.
Snipp told me tonight, "I feel like I am strapped to a metal table and missing daddy is like a hammer squashing down on me." Now there is a description of grief most books don't say!
P. S. This is the same son who described Christmas as a dinosaur chasing him and he felt like a little lamb. I love how kids can describe such emotions in such creative ways.

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Leslie said...

Precious friend,

Thinking of you and praying for you and your boys! ((((Christine)))) I can only imagine how hard this must be for all of you and I pray that God will meet your need. He loves you so very much!!! You are a delight to Him (and to many others too).

Thank you for all you shared on my blog. I think of you often when these verses are discussed.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement my sweet faithful friend. We went to a meeting at the church on orphan care tonight and it was amazing - a packed room (250 people?). The church has a vision to be one that cares for orphans and supports this in many ways. I'm blown away. I know God has a plan and I'm trying to be patient. Not my strong suit by any means.

Love you!