June 21, 2010

Peace That Passeth Understanding

Recently, I left my children in the hands of dear friends and we spent the next 39hrs apart as I went to our state's homeschool conference. This might sound like no big deal to some of you. But to me it was huge, and healing.

You see, before I knew my husband had died, I placed him in God's hands and trusted God to bring him safely home. God said no and took him to his Home, Heaven. So the devil likes to tell me this lie "You trusted God with Jim and look what happened. Don't trust him with your kids. You will lose them too." So the fact I could drive away and not feel anxious was truly God's peace.

When the speaker was interrupted at the conference that we were in a tornado warning and must stay in the room, I knew I was where I was suppose to be no matter what He allowed to happen.

When I went to bed that night with no children to check on and hug and pray with, I felt peace. Great peace as if they were with my own husband. I knew they were in the Mighty Hands of God. I missed them, but His peace was great upon me.

His peace is such a wonderful blessing. Whenever I lose it, great fear comes upon me. It might come slowly at first, but if I fail to run to Jesus, that fear will pounce upon me like a mountain lion. His peace is the opposite. It is like a boat that just rises with the waves or an eagle that soars higher with the wind. It is truly pass my understanding, yet it is within my grasp. Peace....God says in Isaiah that He is an Everlasting Father and a Prince of Peace.

When you trust Him as your Everlasting Father,
When you let him rule.......He is your Prince of Peace!!

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Leslie said...

Hugs to you friend! I love your faith and the way that you share it. You are so right about His peace being such a sweet place to be! I'm thankful for you!