April 12, 2010

The Bullet Creek Boys

I was teasing Snipp, Snapp, and Snurr today that they are the Bullet Creek Boys. We love the Sugar Creek Gang series and enjoy reading through the books out loud as a family. Lately with the weather so nice we have been exploring the creek near our home. Today they longed to do it again. I was curled up in my warm bed reading a book when Snipp came in and asked if we could go down to the creek.

I will admit my first thought wasn't yes. But I went and watch some crazy boys play in the chilly water.
Just like a couple days previous when Snipp asked me to play football after he got his school work done. I hesitated to say yes then too. Though I did end up saying yes. We had a grand time playing catch and a one-on-one game with me losing 18-30.

Some people say I need to turn away from the past and move forward. Yet the past is the key to going forward.

The day before my husband died, the boys wanted to take a walk in the woods. I had just done that with them 3 days previous and wasn't excited about the idea. Actually I didn't even plan on going; I felt exhausted as being pregnant will do to you. I planned to take a nap naturally. But the words of my husband stopped me and I went anyway. We had a great time exploring the woods and made a memory the boys have cherished. I almost missed it. It scares me I almost missed it. A little over 24 hours later, Jim was gone from us.......

What powerful words did Jim speak that changed my plans?

"What is so important?"

And that is the same thought that made me skip housework and play football.
It is the same words that echoed in my head and got me out of my comfy bed and set my interesting book aside.

"What is so important?"
Words from the past that are keys to the future.
A future in which I plan to leave a legacy of the kind of mom I dream of being.

So what is so important?
Many things but at the top of my list,
right under Christ are my Bullet Creek Boys.

Thank You, Jesus, for the sweet, funny, adventurous, deep thinking, brave boys You have blessed me with. Though parenting them can seem exhausting, they have been tools in Your hands to make me a better person. They challenge me to stick close to You and be brave.
Like Papa Piccolo says, "Oh, the adventures we have!!!"

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